Masteritem Guaranty

What is the term of the guarantee?

Three years for all our products.

My product has been damaged within 3 years from the date I bought it, what can I do to use the guarantee?

Please contact Masteritem by attaching your invoice and photographs of the damage caused to your product so that our experts can determine whether it is a manufacturing defect or the damage is due to improper or improper use of the product.

If during the 3-year warranty period there is a defect in the product due to manufacturing or defective materials, what is covered by the warranty?

In this case Masteritem follows a 3-step criterion in order of preference:

Sending new parts to replace damaged ones.

2. Collection and repair of the damaged product.

3. Replacement of the product if delivery of parts or repair of the product is not feasible for the product.

If I'm going to use the warranty, do I need to have the original packaging?

If we ship parts to replace the damaged parts with new ones, you do not need to have the original packaging as the product will not travel. However, if, when using the guarantee, we need to collect the product for repair or replacement, it is essential that you have the original packaging, otherwise we will not be able to collect the product and only the shipment of parts to replace the damaged parts will take effect.

How long is the warranty?

For parts shipping is immediate, in maximum 48 hours you will receive the parts for replacement.

If the product needs to be repaired, the process can take up to 20 days from the time we receive it in our warehouses although depending on the complexity of the repair this can take up to 30 days.

My product is damaged but not due to a manufacturing defect but due to improper or improper use of the product, is it covered by the warranty?

No, if the defect in the product is due to improper use of the product, the warranty shall be completely void.

In what situations is the warranty void because of improper or improper use?
  • If the product has been repaired or modified by personnel not authorised by Masteritem, i.e. the buyer or a third party.
  • Where the damage to the product results from its normal wear and tear taking into account its nature, function, composition and price.
  • If the product has suffered a colour deterioration due to exposure of the product to sunlight or other heat sources.
  • If you have used unauthorised cleaning products for gifts.
  • Whether the products have been used too intensively, in particular for non-private purposes.
  • If the product has defects which may result from faulty installation, storage, storage or assembly.
  • When it is a maintenance defect, misuse or non-compliance with technical or usage specifications.
  • When damage occurs due to external objects (e.g. you buy a piece of furniture as a gift and place a decorative figure on it which causes a scratch).
  • When external events occur, such as accidents, collisions, fires, vandalism, etc.
  • When damaged by water, natural or artificial light.
  • Natural disasters.
  • Bad weather conditions.

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